Minecraft 1.17.x

Getting Started

This page will help you get into TwitchSpawn
1. Obviously getting started with TwitchSpawn is only possible by setting up a ForgeModLoader environment. You can either do that manually, or use Twitch Desktop App to do it automatically. Then decide on how to install the mod:
Manually Download from CurseForge
Let Twitch Desktop App Do Things
2. Visit mod's page on CurseForge and download the latest version.
3. After downloading the JAR file named similar to twitchspawn1.14.x-0.0.3.jar, put it into your ../mods folder under your minecraft folder.
2. Create a profile by using Create Custom Profile tab.
3. Then get the mod by pressing Get More Content button in the profile screen. It is easy as that, no extra work is needed. Just be sure that it is enabled on Installed Mods tab.
4. Now launch the game. The mod will create default configurations under ../configs/TwitchSpawn folder. This behavior will always occur if necessary configuration files are not present.
Similar to the legacy version, setup can be done without restarting the client. Therefore, keep your world open before you proceed onto the next step.
Thanks to /twitchspawn reloadcfg command, all the configs are read and loaded once again by the mod.
5. You will see 4 critical files created under ../configs/TwitchSpawn. Namely:
file name
Contains the credentials to connect to Socket APIs.
Contains the "action-wise" text data to be displayed on received events.
Contains the "event-wise" text data to be displayed on received events.
Contains the default ruleset, if no ruleset is set for a streamer.
6. In order to start communicating with Socket APIs, configuring credentials is essential.
7. After the communication is established, a ruleset declaration is necessary for the best experience.
8. With all the basics are set, the server is now ready to start TwitchSpawn!