Minecraft 1.16.x

Change Logs

How did TwitchSpawn change so far?
Recommended Forge Version: 1.16.1 - v32.0.70


  • b4c6210 - Fixed initial error screen not showing ruleset errors correctly.



  • 676c3f5 - Hotfixed a crash on 1.16.2+ upon loading caused by the new policy of MinecraftForge.


v1.7.2 - The 1.16.X Port

  • 8525deb - Fixed the interpreter so that it will not confuse a hex color declaration inside a DISPLAYING message with a line-comment.
  • 0c15157 - Fixed CLEAR action failing to perform on everything with some selectors
  • b03d1de - Added WAIT meta-action.
  • b03d1de - Reworked on the Event Queue implementation.
  • 507ad5e - Added JustGiving Donation TSL event
  • 8efe48b - Fixed a bug causing Twitch Chat Message events warning users for any message
  • f5ace4a - Fixed a bug causing some Loyalty Point Redemption events not to be triggered.