Minecraft 1.16.x

Starting the Mod on Server

This page will help you start the mod on the server!
TwitchSpawn comes with a few commands to let you control its current state. One of those commands is /twitchspawn reloadcfg, which obviously reloads the configurations WITHOUT needing to relaunch the game!

Reloading the Configs

Since we modified the configs but the game has not loaded latest versions of them, we need to run /twitchspawn reloadcfg command. Once it is executed, a feedback will be seen on the chat.
Successful reload feedback
If an error occurs during reload process, relevant errors will be able to be seen as well.
Exemplar syntax error feedback

Starting TwitchSpawn

Another fundamental command is /twitchspawn start. It is self-explanatory. It connects to required Socket APIs and starts listening to live events.
Just like reloading configs command, it will display relevant errors on the chat.